About us

About us

Our cosmetics are created by combining well-known and effective ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acid together with nature's gifts - functional mushrooms and other adaptogens. All cosmetics are dermatologically tested, suitable even for owners of sensitive skin. Naturalness is important to us, so we use more than 96% ingredients of natural origin in our cosmetics.
We aim to find a balance between nature, science and the still little-known world of mushrooms, and thus create a minimalist face care routine that protects everyone's skin.

Our promise

Even before we started creating cosmetics with functional mushrooms, we promised ourselves - we would create it in such a way that we would want to use it ourselves. All our cosmetics are:

Maximum naturalness (more than 96% ingredients of natural origin);

• Without added fragrances and dyes;

Without parabens and sulfates;

Dermatologically tested on owners of sensitive skin;

•  We manufacture cosmetics in Lithuania, and we buy ingredients from partners in the EU.

Our story

Our history of cosmetics began with great faith in the power of mushrooms! When, thanks to high-quality functional mushroom supplements, we managed to restore weakened health and significantly improve our well-being - we began to be interested in the various benefits of functional mushrooms. After a year and a half of working together with mycologists, scientists and amazing cosmetics creators, we managed to realize our vision - to convey the benefits of functional mushrooms to your skin. As our slogan says - "In Mushrooms We Trust", we can now boldly add - "In Cosmetics with Mushrooms We Trust"!