Odos priežiūros ABC – kodėl reikia serumą „užrakinti“ kremu ir kitos veido odos priežiūros taisyklės

Skin care ABC - why you need to "lock" the serum with a cream and other facial skin care rules

Have you ever noticed that time mysteriously disappears when you put on a face mask? One moment you're a stressed-out person, the next you're a blissful, rose-scented geisha. And indeed, skin care is like a time travel that we can all experience.

Facial skin simply adores routine and rules! 

The journey to a healthy and glowing complexion begins at home. And it's not complicated at all - you just need to know a few essential rules for facial skin care:

Rule 1 - SKIN-TYPE PRODUCTS. Don't waste time and money on piles of unsuitable facial skin care products - use only what is suitable for your skin type;

Rule 2 - LAYERING. Start your facial skin care routine with the lightest product (for example, toner) and finish with the heaviest (for example, SPF);

Rule 3 - NO TO PRESS! Avoid touching, pressing or feeling your facial skin, raised pimples or other irregularities. This will only further sensitize the skin and infect it with bacteria.

Rule 4 - EXFOLIATION. Gently exfoliate dead skin cells once a week. In this way, you will remove the dirt and excess fat left deep in the skin and prevent the skin pores from clogging. Recommendation: do not use a scrub with large particles that can damage and sensitize the skin. Choose gentle, granular scrubs that "dissolve" when combined with water and gently cleanse your skin.

Rule 5 - PATIENCE! Rome was not built overnight, so remember that it will take time to achieve satisfactory results!

Why is it necessary to "lock" the serum with a face cream? 

In order to be able to enjoy healthy looking and glowing skin, it is very important to use facial skin care products in the right order. In general, start with the easiest exercise and finish the routine with the hardest:

Cleanser - its purpose is to remove dirt and excess oil accumulated during the day/night from the skin. Without proper removal of make-up residues, dirt, sweat, and dead cells, the skin becomes clogged, loses its glow and cannot properly absorb other cosmetics.

Toner – this light "water" helps restore the pH of the skin and prepares the skin for the use of other cosmetic products.

Acne remedy - used as needed for breakout-prone skin. The intensive cream soothes the skin locally, suppresses redness and has an antibacterial effect.

Serum - the superhero of skin care products, fighting tired and gray skin! The purpose of the serum can be various: restore moisture balance, elasticity, help fight wrinkles, pigmentation, etc. If the serum contains hyaluronic acid, it is necessary to use a cream after it - it "locks" moisture in the skin. If you do not apply the cream on top of the serum with hyaluronic acid, the face may, on the contrary, lose moisture and become dry. 

Eye cream - moisturizes, firms and gives elasticity to sensitive and thin eye skin.

Moisturizer - its main function is to "lock" moisture in the skin. If the cream is used before light products, they will not be able to absorb into the skin and perform their functions. Therefore, the serum is applied first, which is much lighter than the cream and is water-based, and then the cream is applied.

Facial Oil - shhh...it's a secret weapon that instantly softens your skin! Facial oil is well absorbed into the skin, penetrates into its deeper layers, regenerates and provides a feeling of comfort. Can also be used for facial self-massage. Recommendation: mix a few drops of face oil with moisturizing cream. This will give your face extra moisture and plumpness, without an extra layerof the product.

Sunscreen Protection (SPF) - Forget diamonds, SPF is now women's best friend! Sunscreen not only protects the skin from harmful UV rays, but also provides a shield against premature aging. The SPF formula is the heaviest of the facial skincare products listed and should be used last in your entire facial skincare routine.

Of course, not all of these products need to be included in your facial skin care routine (read about minimalist skin care in the article "Benefits of a minimalist skin care kit"). Also, do not forget that before using the next product, the previous one must be completely absorbed into the facial skin.

Have you ever thought that your facial skin care routine is like a little chemistry experiment? Indeed, it is so! By mixing and matching different remedies, you create your own elixir of youth and radiance. Don't forget that facial skin care is not only about healthy-looking and glowing skin, but also about self-confidence!


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